NNPS District Leadership

NNPS guides district leaders to improve their knowledge of school, family, and community partnerships, improve district-level policies and plans for partnerships, and guide schools’ Action Teams for Partnerships in developing excellent programs of family and community involvement.

District leaders for partnerships are needed to help all elementary, middle, and high schools establish teams, write plans, share best practices, and evaluate their programs of school, family, and community partnerships. Without a district leader responsible for family and community involvement, only some schools will strengthen and sustain their partnership programs and practices. With strong leadership, every school will welcome, inform, and engage parents in their children’s education.

NNPS supports district leaders for partnerships by providing professional development and on-going technical assistance to help them organize their work, improve policies, and increase the quality of partnership programs at the district level and in all schools. NNPS approaches enable districts and their schools to meet the requirements for family involvement in NCLB, Section 1118.

This section of the website provides tools, guidelines, and information on how districts in NNPS are working to develop district-level leadership, clearer policies for partnerships, and direct assistance to schools.

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For more information and planning tools, district leaders will find clear and useful guidelines in Chapter 7 of the NNPS Handbook: Epstein, et al. (2002). School, family, and community partnerships: Your handbook for action, second edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. The chapter includes background information on district leadership, district leaders’ roles, sources of funding for partnership programs, a leadership checklist, sample plans, and a guide to "What Do Facilitators Do?"

Each district that joins NNPS must identify a district leader for partnerships who becomes the Key Contact to NNPS. On the website, see the section Join NNPS for more information.