Schools, districts, state departments of education, and organization/university partners are invited to join NNPS to strengthen and continually improve their programs of school, family, and community partnerships.

At the school level, each Partnership School will identify an Action Team for Partnerships (ATP), write an annual Action Plan for Partnerships (see definition), use the framework of Six Types of Involvement (see definition) and conduct other research-based approaches to involve families and community partners in ways that link to school improvement goals, and evaluate progress every year.

At the district, state, and organization level, each member will identify a dedicated leader for partnerships who will work with NNPS to strengthen their policies, plans, and activities leaders will encourage all schools to develop and sustain excellent school-based programs of school, family, and community partnerships.

NNPS assists members to increase their knowledge and improve their programs of partnership with on-going technical assistance and research-based tools and guidelines. Each school, district, state, and organization in NNPS identifies at least one "Key Contact" for on-going NNPS communications.

This section provides a letter of invitation to join NNPS, describes the NNPS requirements for membership at each policy level, and lists the benefits and services for members.

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