School Model

NNPS helps preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools organize research-based and goal-oriented programs of school, family, and community partnerships. NNPS also guides district and state leaders to encourage and guide every school to create a welcoming climate of partnership and to implement involvement activities linked to school goals for student success

No longer left to chance or to one parent or educator, a program of family and community involvement must be planned and implemented by an Action Team for Partnerships (ATP) – a committee of educators, parents, and community partners who work together to engage all families and the community in productive ways. Each school tailors its annual partnership plans and activities to meet its learning goals for students and to meet the needs and interests of its students, parents, and teachers. Each school evaluates its efforts and continually improves the quality of its partnership program.

The NNPS School Model includes four essential elements:

Schools proceed step by step to establish and strengthen their partnership programs. The NNPS Partnership Planner provides a timeline and sequence of activities to guide schools’ Action Teams for Partnership through the year.