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Welcome to the National Network of
Partnership Schools!

Working Together for Student Success

Established at Johns Hopkins University in 1996, NNPS invites schools, districts, states, and organizations to join together and use research-based approaches to organize and sustain excellent programs of family and community involvement that will increase student success in school.

“Based on more than three decades of research on parental involvement, family engagement, and community partnerships, NNPS’s tools, guidelines, and action team approach may be used by all elementary, middle, and high schools to increase involvement and improve student learning and development,” explains Dr. Joyce L. Epstein, Founder and Director of NNPS. NNPS also guides district leaders to help their schools develop goal-oriented programs of family involvement and community connections, and to meet NCLB requirements for parent involvement. In addition, NNPS assists state departments of education and organizations to develop policies and take actions that will support districts and schools in strengthening their partnership programs.

Researchers and facilitators at the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University work with the members of NNPS to study the nature and results of involvement. NNPS aims to increase knowledge of new concepts and strategies; use research results to develop tools and materials that will improve policy and practice; provide professional development conferences and workshops; share best practices of parental involvement and community connections; and recognize excellent partnership programs at the school, district, organization, and state levels.

This website provides NNPS members with updated information, research results, and ideas for action from the NNPS staff and members across the country. The site also informs prospective members about NNPS approaches, benefits, and services.

For more information:

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The Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships and NNPS are part of the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University.

This work is supported, in part, by a grant from MetLife Foundation to the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University. The information and opinions of NNPS on this website do not necessarily reflect the policies of the funding agency.

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